CPA Culture

Our firm was started over 25 years ago because our founder wanted to create a law firm with a culture that was different from other law firms. A culture that respects everyone. A culture that knows what is important and focuses on that. A culture that encourages creativity. A culture that seeks the success of others, and in that success finds our own success. A culture that works, for our clients and for us.

Candidate Qualifications

Becoming a part of our firm is less about what you have done, but more about who you are. Are you willing to push yourself to get better every day? Are you willing to work hard when hard work is required? Can you find solutions when solutions are not apparent? If you commit to something, whether to a client deadline, as a volunteer to a non-profit organization, or to your kid’s basketball team, do you keep the commitment? Can you work without complaining or criticizing? Do you enjoy the success of others? Can you “keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you”? Our firm has a place for attorneys early in their career who are looking for more responsibility and client interaction as well as more seasoned attorneys looking to expand their practice. If we sound like a place for you, then drop us a line. We would love to talk to you.